JJOINER | September 20, 2017 - 2:17pm

Curious as to what employers are looking for in their employees? We've got you covered. I had the privilege of being behind the scenes and watching as employees got hard to work. Typically, you fill out the job application and go do an interview (maybe even a few interviews). What happens after that, though? Well, once you get the job, there is typically some form of training. A part of it is online, doing modules, watching videos, and things of that nature that show you how to do the job that you have been assigned. Some of that training might be physical, where they are actually showing you what you are doing, so you get the hands on experience. Most jobs have a dress code even for training, but if you are unsure you can always ask. So, how long does training last? What happens after training? Great questions! Training varies from job to job, and it depends on what job you are doing. Most of the time, the training ends whenever you complete the modules, but it really just depends. Training never truly ends in work environments, though. There are always new opportunities to learn more and to grow. Now, after training it's time to work? You might have some experience with the kind of work you're doing from training but, if not, take directions from whoever is in charge. They will tell you exactly what to do! No worries. No sweat. You've got it. Employers are looking for industrious workers who come right in, get started, and do their best. Even if you mess up or get confused, they want to see you attempting to do the work. Someone with great organizational skills, who is mannerable, asks questions, and follows directions is ideal in the workplace. Can you do the job that they have assigned to you? That's what they're looking at. If you are a fast learner who grasps concepts easily, then you will be a great fit to any company you are working for. Empolyers also want someone who works well on a team, and works well as an individual. What about when things just don't go right on the job? You must stay calm when things go wrong, regroup, and figure out another way to make your goal a reality. There will be times when things do not go your way, but you must be steadfast and able to handle rough situations. Hard work and dedication goes a long way. It is definitely rewarded in the workroom. Just be yourself, do your best, and continue to grow at your respective job. Good luck!

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"ABC Solutions has provided our store with several associates and we look forward in hiring more as the need arises. Your staff has been consistent and thorough with their visits and communication with our management."
-Wal-Mart (Charlotte)

“ABC Solutions staff is always nice, friendly, and hard working.”

“ABC Solutions is an agency that I would highly recommend to others in need.  They have helped tremendously.”

"I have enjoyed working with you in the past and look forward to you placing more of your clients with us in the future." Your committment has always been outstanding, even helping your former clients in current positions with us now" 
-Chartwells (UNC-Charlotte)

"{ABC Solutions, Inc} has help reduce our workload tremendously and we hope other departments will perhaps follow our lead and take advantage of the opportunities that are available."
-Big Lots (Salisbury)

"...you {ABC Solutions, Inc coaching support}surpassed all of my preliminary expectations I had of job placement organizations.  It was proven that you truly care about helping companies find quality employees as much as finding your clients suitable positions in the workplace."
-Food Lion (Salisbury)